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William J. Cuthrell (Jay) is an innovative technology executive and sought after servant leader. He is a prolific influencer and writer who communicates with ease at C-suite and practitioner levels across traditional and emerging mediums on digital transformation strategy in holistic full-stack engagements. His passion is taking vision from design to reality to become growth engines. Jay’s expertise demonstrated through substantial growth and change cycles provides a unique perspective into the technology industry’s future.

Jay is a Partner at IBM where he is currently focused on Hybrid Cloud Services growth, offerings development, and practice dimensions. As part of the executive team, Jay applies platform engineering services expertise to Client engagements from edge to core to cloud.

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  • [NPR American Public Media’s Marketplace](https://www.marketplace.org/2010/07/13/having-missed-mobile-boat-microsoft-name-losing-luster/) (2011) needed a blurb about Facebook and I provided the curmudgeonly old man shakes fist at cloud meme. When asked if Facebook fatigue was setting in... I, again, obliged.

    > **Cuthrell:** Absolutely. I think I had 1,000 or more friends or more and I just couldn’t keep track of it. Pokes, and vampire bites or zombie bites or mob hits. But from my point of view, it’s noise.

  • [NPR American Public Media’s Marketplace](https://www.marketplace.org/2011/06/13/facebook-fatigue-may-be-setting/) (2010) needed a tasty sound bite about the attempts by Microsoft to get their mobile strategy right. I obliged.

    > **Cuthrell:** I think it is a lost cause. They are never going to find their way into my pocket.

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