Jay McKenzie

Director, Consumer Insights and Communication at Builders Digital Experience (BDX)
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  • Another trend is generational, McKenzie comments: “The housing market is now driven by tech-native Millennials. Features that excite baby boomers are simply expected by younger (home) buyers. Builders are pushing hard to deliver on wellness, technology and sustainability – but also at a price younger first-time buyers can afford.” - Kitchen & Bath Design News, "Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020."

  • Home shoppers don’t want—or have time—to wade through the hundreds and sometimes thousands of unfiltered and uncategorized search results that come up when they enter a location, number of bedrooms and baths, and price range into traditional online real estate marketplaces, says Jay McKenzie, director of consumer insights and research for BDX, yet “since the dawn of the internet, the paradigm for searching for a home online had not changed”—even though buyers have. BUILDER Magazine and BuilderOnline.com -- March 5, 2020

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