Jay Zigmont, PhD, CFP®

Founder at Childfree Wealth
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I am Jay Zigmont, PhD, CFP® and I'm the Founder of Childfree Wealth ( https://childfreewealth.com ) a Financial Planning Firm based in Mississippi. I am a Fee-Only, Advice-Only, Fiduciary, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Childfree Wealth Specialist. My PhD is in Adult Learning from the University of Connecticut My focus is on helping people learn how to manage their money and my specialty is in helping Childfree Individuals. My mission in life is to help people to learn how to live their best life and achieve financial freedom. As many others, I grew up in a home where we were always struggling to make ends meet. My parents worked hard but yet it seemed to always be feast or famine in the house. It wasn’t because we did anything wrong, it was just the only thing we knew to do. If we wanted more, we had to work more. We worked hard for our money, and it was gone just as fast as it came in. I am also the author of Portraits of Childfree Wealth: 26 stories about how being Childfree impacts your life, wealth, and finances.

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  • You deserve to learn how to manage your money.

    17 December 2021
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