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Coding and NFT expert, Jeffrey Freiberger, is the Founder of Mediacoin LLC and the creator of MusicCryptoGeeks, an NFT Web3/Blockchain Music Label. With an extensive background in securities working with a number of public companies, he has launched multiple brands for investment groups. Jeff has been featured in PR Newswire, Bloomberg, and GlobeNewswire. He has successfully managed investments in celebrity projects, music videos, and launch parties for such well-known celebrities including Lil Wayne, Akon, DJ Khalid, T-Pain, Chris Brown, Drake, among many others. He also served as an executive for ISBG, now known as BLQC (Blockquarry Corp), which is one of the largest bitcoin mining operations in the US. Jeff is big on giving back to the community and has a list of charities that he regularly donates to. Some of these include Protect Yo HeART, and Love, Camera, Action. 

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  • I first want to thank the many of you associated with this project launch. We've been working on this project for more than 4 years now proving concept and growing our business. With the recent launch of NFT trading platforms like and others we can finally attach our NFT'd projects to assets and applications in many industries we have been developing over the years. Merging this with the securities world is the final piece for us and we are excited to marry these together. I feel the last part of this is protecting future investors and NFT owners through the policing of the SEC. This is very easy to do for us as we will continue to work very closely with the SEC to make this happen. So far I have yet to meet anyone who knows how this can be done and with no other examples of this in the market we look to be the first of our kind.

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