Jeff Halevy

Fitness CEO & Former TV Fitness Correspondent at Apex Human Performance
On the record

Former Today Show correspondent and Inc. 5000 winner Jeff Halevy has over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry and owns the NYC private health club, Apex Human Performance. Jeff is a highly sought after fitness guru by both business and entertainment celebrities. Jeff has worked with TV and film stars like Hugh Jackman and John Oliver, business celebrities like former LA Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and billionaire hedge fund manager Joseph Edelman, and even the Saudi royal family. Jeff has over 1,000 different ways to get fit from home during this pandemic with little to no equipment and it’s not just the same old tired and boring bodyweight exercises.

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  • Having a weight-loss app on your phone is like having a string around your finger reminding you to act. We live in the information age, but information is not always enough. Apps are something bigger than ourselves, allowing for a sense of community, recognition, accomplishment and sharing.

    28 April 2020
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