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President at FPC National
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Jeff Herzog is President of FPC National, a leading nationwide executive search firm with over 60 offices around the country. He is a published author, his book is titled, 'Your Job Search is a Bare Knuckle Fight.' With over 20 years of experience in the executive search industry as a recruiter and hiring manager, Jeff is an expert in career trends, employment market, interviewing, resumes, salary, building a workforce (hybrid and traditional), remote work etc. With offices all of the country he has great insight as to where we are seeing the greatest growth in jobs and where the country needs a boost.

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  • Make sure your answers position you as a ‘make it happen’ person, not a ‘let it happen’ person. I am not in a rush to leave my current company. I’ve accomplished a lot here, but I am keeping an eye open for roles that will afford me the opportunity to diversify my experience and make a real impact.