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CEO at KB Home
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Jeffrey T. Mezger is KB Home's president and CEO, and a member of our board of directors, since 2006. In August, 2016, he was named chairman of the board. Under Mr. Mezger’s leadership, KB Home established itself as one of the most recognized brands in homebuilding. He has overseen the development of KB Home’s unique home buying experience, which emphasizes consumer choice and value. As a respected industry voice in sustainability, he launched a strategic transformation of KB Home that led to the introduction and continuous development of our energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious home designs, and helped reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

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  • It's crazy. There is no inventory. This is the best housing market I've seen in my career. It's a good time to be a homebuilder. There isn't a city we're in where I would say it's a tough market. We've been under-building for the last 15 years. Post financial crisis, millennials either saw their parents lose their home, couldn't get a job or had a lot of student debt. Millennials deferred their first home purchase much longer than previous generations. We've been able to raise price enough to cover the cost and raise our margin. Demand is that strong.

    21 April 2021
  • Our housing revenues were at the low end of our guidance range due to the weather disruption in Texas, which shifted some deliveries from our first quarter into our second quarter. Texas is our largest market by units and the severe weather shut down our operations for roughly 10 days in mid-February.

    21 April 2021