Jeff Ton

Strategic IT Advisor at InterVision and 2 other companies
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Throughout his career in business, Jeff Ton has developed and fine tuned his leadership skills to become a business-focused leader who drives results. He brings a strategic view of business and identifies innovative approaches to achieve business objectives by leveraging technology where and when appropriate. Adept at building and leading teams, both in-line and cross-organizational, he has been a catalyst for change across the companies he has served.

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  • To that end, we are seeing a new breed of tools emerge that are based on AI and machine learning. These tools can identify, alert, and sometimes, heal issues before the remote worker even knows there is a problem. While we have seen a consolidation of tools and platforms, I believe the hybrid approach to workforce enablement will continue to be the right approach for the foreseeable future.

  • The speed of business is accelerating. You will not be able to keep track of it all. As a tech leader, focus on two to three years into the future. What are the innovations that will further enable your business? From where will disruptions come? Have your team identify areas they have an interest in learning more about and give them time to explore.

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