Jen Robin

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Jen Robin is the Founder & CEO of Life in Jeneral, a full-service organizational design company, and Closets in Jeneral, a custom cabinetry line designed from the unique viewpoint of a professional home organizer. Jen has always loved organizing and creating systems. She started out as a celebrity executive assistant, where she mastered the art of to-do lists, time management, and efficient systems. In the process, she realized that organizing truly was about transforming lives for the better.

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  • Oftentimes your fridge only has the two smaller drawers on the bottom, and it’s not enough for produce. These drawers maintain freshness and add structure in other parts of the fridge. They have a removable drainage tray on the bottom, which is great for rinsing and preserving.

    18 May 2021
  • I think a toiletry bag is the best place to store cords. Most cord organization products are hard (oftentimes plastic) and sturdy and meant to be stationary, but cords are something that people are constantly moving around and using. This is why I love using a bag designed for travel as a storage solution.

    18 May 2021