Jen Spencer

Chief Revenue Officer at SmartBug Media
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  • It’s an exciting time for inbound and revenue operations (RevOps). Technology is racing forward, the corporate landscape is shifting quickly, and RevOps is rising to the top of many leaders’ priorities lists. At SmartBug Media®, we’re seeing those changes creep into inbound marketing, spread, and expose both gaps and opportunities for marketers to succeed.

    29 April 2021
  • Our joint venture is meant to help the business world understand the importance of continuous education. Tips on hosting your own Certification Day include choosing a day well in advance that enables your entire company to clear their calendars, and telling your customers how much continuous professional improvement matters to you and that you've closed down for a day to enable your employees to engage in training programs. Your customers will love your company's dedication to growth.

    14 November 2020
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