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Product Marketing Director, Identity at Entrust at Entrust Datacard
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Jenn Markey is a senior marketing executive with significant startup and small company experience gained in the software (including SaaS), security, video production, telecom, and semiconductor industries. Jenn helps companies build their market profile, customer footprint, and strategic business value. She is a founding champion of SheBoot, an Ottawa-based bootcamp for womxn-led businesses. As well, Jenn is an advisor with the University of Ottawa's ScaleUp Garage program.

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  • Vaccine credentials can become part of the infrastructure of the new normal. With the infrastructure and investment necessary to ensure a viable vaccine passport, why not redeploy this effort into a national citizen ID program that can be used for multiple purposes, including the secure delivery of government services, secure cross-border travel, and documentation of vaccination.

    16 August 2021
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  • Entrust Datacard
    Product Marketing Director, Identity at Entrust