Jennifer Johnston, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology at Western New Mexico University
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A psychology professor at Western New Mexico University, Dr. Jennifer Johnston is a media psychologist who studies the impact of the media on our psychology. Her primary research areas are media contagion and mass shootings, early exposure to pornography and its effects on sexual health, public perception of sexual health, mental health, marketing of harm reduction interventions, and the effects of peritraumatic perception on the etiology of some mental disorders.

Renowned for her studies on the relationship between news coverage and mass shootings, she says that we would see a three-fold decrease in mass shootings if the media did not name shooters. Dr. Johnston led the way in the movement to encourage media to adopt ethical guidelines similar to those they have around suicides. Dr. Johnston has presented to the Federal Commission on School Safety, and her research is cited in major outlets across the globe.

Dr. Johnston's current research into the language around Safe Consumption Sites (SCSs) and their perception and government approval. Her project provides the first sample marketing packets for use in effective future legislation and public health messaging regarding SCSs.

With experience as a clinician and research exploring a variety of psychological topics, Dr. Johnston is a well-rounded source with a track record of providing impactful sound bytes and succinct quotes.

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