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Chief Engagement Officer at Ark & Brook Media Group
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Jennifer Nash is a Publicist trading as Chief Engagement Officer [CEO] and Founder of Ark & Brook Media Group. She has over 16 years of experience in Stakeholder communications and Community Engagement. During lockdown she pivoted her traditional PR Specialism to becoming a Digital PR visibility strategist for emerging and Female Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Coaches.
An unapologetic social justice advocate and media diversify, equity and inclusion activist who experienced first-hand the unconscious systematic bias, gender and age discrimination in the PR industry Jen represents the underrepresented, underreported and often marginalised folks in our society especially the expert businesswoman, to amplify her voice, get heard, seen, and globally connected as a Thought Leader through authentic storytelling.
The disparities inspired Jen to establish her own media group helping other female entrepreneurs like herself, get heard, seen, and more visible as thought leaders with authority in their field.
As Editor-in-Chief of Spotlight Magazine an online publication which features female entrepreneurs helping them become used to being VISIBLE as CREDIBLE experts with authority in their fields so that they can earn 10x their revenue.
In addition to publishing these women’s stories in Spotlight magazine, as part of her media training of emerging thought leaders, Jennifer helps female entrepreneurs use their voices with authority, by empowering them with storytelling hacks, like how to write POVs and opinion editorials thus presenting their pieces to larger and more established industry specific publications and titles.

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  • I believe everyone deserves representation that why its my duty as a Publicist to ensure the underrepresented, underreported and often marginalised people in our society especially women, are helped to amplify their voice, get heard, seen, and globally connected as a Thought Leader through authentic storytelling

  • I write because I believe a drop of ink can make a million think.