Jennifer Openshaw

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A one-time motel maid, Jennifer Openshaw rose to board level success as the CEO & Founder of Women's Financial Network in Silicon Valley (acquired). Today, as CEO of the nation's top business education platform training under-resourced women and youth as tomorrow's innovators, Jennifer is one of the nation's leading experts on women, technology and education. Ms. Openshaw has held top positions in the financial industry at pension advisor Wilshire Associates, Bank of America, and Bank One, now JPMorgan Chase. She started her career in government in the California State Treasurer's Office. Alongside her career, she has held top media roles including Money Expert for KCBS-TV, Dow Jones MarketWatch columnist, AOL's family financial editor, and Lifetime TV contributing editor. She holds a BA and MBA from UCLA and is a member of the New York Economic Club.

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  • Parents are struggling to find alternatives and fill the gap so that they can work effectively from home. Families are taking a financial hit in so many ways. One of the beauties of operating our program live, online from day-one is that we’ve never been in emergency mode. It allows us to easily adjust and meet the demands of families.

    6 November 2020