Jeremy Bowman

Contributing Analyst at The Motley Fool
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Jeremy Bowman has been a contributing analyst for The Motley Fool since 2011.

Areas of Expertise
- Retail stocks
- Restaurant stocks
- Technology
- Consumer Goods
- E-commerce
- Video streaming
- Social media

- M.B.A., American University
- B.A. English, Colorado College

Past Experience
- Restaurant manager
- Small-town newspaper reporter
- EFL teacher

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  • Date: 12/12/2022
    Outlet: Seattle Times
    Article Title: At 1st anniversary, Starbucks, union workers face reality check
    - Investors may share a similar view of the size of the union movement. According to Jeremy Bowman, contributing analyst for financial and investment advice company The Motley Fool, this year of unionization is not of concern to investors because of the small number of stores involved compared with the total 9,000 company-owned stores. Investors are more worried about Starbucks’ performance in China amid the restrictive, ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns, Bowman said.
    - Despite the clashes with union workers, Bowman said Starbucks has been seen historically as employee-friendly. He added that the benefits from the $1 billion investment will help maintain Starbucks’ reputation as an employer.