Jerimiah Taylor

VP of Real Estate and Mortgage Services at OJO Labs
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Jerimiah Taylor is the Vice President of Real Estate and Mortgage Services at OJO Labs. Jerimiah began in the real estate industry in 2001 as a residential loan processor. He has since participated in every facet of the real estate process from originating loans to selling homes and operating more than 500 person real estate brokerages.

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  • I think the thing that’s really interesting is when you start to peel back the layers of the onion, there is a correlation between borrowers with lower credit scores and their access to information, what they’ve been taught and what their families believe to be true. Unfortunately there are adverse incentives in the industry. If I’m an agent, broker, mortgage lender and I have two consumers — one that is financially savvy and fully prepared to transact and another one that isn’t as prepared and needs more help on their credit especially — the amount of money that I make if they’re buying roughly the same priced home is the same.

    14 November 2021
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    VP of Real Estate and Mortgage Services