Jerome Williams

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Jerome Williams is a 9-year veteran athlete playing basketball professionally in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Mr. Williams was an NBA Player’s Union Representative and in 2000, Jerome was selected by peers, other NBA athletes, to serve in an executive role as Union Vice President. Jerome has cultivated starring roles as; the NBA Cares Ambassador; an NBA TV Correspondent; an NBA Fit Spokesman; and as an NBA Goodwill Ambassador to South Africa, Israel, South America, Shanghai, Philippines, Beijing and Bahrain.

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  • As we keep a close eye on developments around the NCAA's decision to allow student athletes to monetize their name, image and likeness, the timing is optimal for us to act on the synergies between our two companies. This partnership will amplify our team's ability to guide student athletes toward worthwhile IP opportunities by using hard data that follows the money spent by fans and event attendees.