Bryan Howard

Director, Product Management at Jewelers Mutual
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  • "To simplify matters and ensure a good gifting experience, I recommend considering jewelry insurance at the time of purchase to avoid any risks prior to the gifting exchange, such as theft, damage, disappearance or natural events that could result in the loss of both a precious memento and a significant monetary loss to replace the gift itself."

    8 September 2021
  • "Jewelers Mutual policies cover loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance. This includes common causes of loss like leaving your ring on a beach towel, having earrings stolen from your car, cracking your stone on the edge of a table or literally just not having a clue where your necklace went. Big picture: a jewelry insurance policy from Jewelers Mutual is an "all perils" policy. This means that your jewelry is covered no matter the cause of damage or loss unless the cause is specifically listed as an exclusion. "

    8 September 2021
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