JF Benoist

Founder, Program Director, and Author at The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center
On the record

Jean-Francois (J.F.) Benoist has been counseling people struggling with addiction, mental health, and relationship issues for over twenty years. He co-founded The Exclusive Hawaii, a non-12-step residential addiction treatment center, with his wife, Joyce, in 2011. He is the creator of the therapeutic methodology Experiential Engagement TherapyTM (EET), which focuses on addressing a person’s underlying core beliefs. He is well-known for his authentic, experiential techniques, which maximize long-term change.

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  • Your nervous system is starving for reminders of powerful moments of joy and connection. Although you don't have those from your childhood, you can create new memories now. To adults with or without photos from their early years I say this — it's never too late to reinvent your childhood. What I mean is that the body remembers what you reinforce every day. For example, you could go to the dog park with your spouse and dog. Take photos of the fun you're all having together. Then, print one of those photos out and display it.