Jill Fopiano

President & CEO at O'Brien Wealth Partners
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Jill joined O’Brien in 2012. She was appointed President of the firm in 2015 and CEO in 2016. In addition to her management responsibilities, Jill also serves as an Advisor for a select number of clients and as Chief Investment Officer of the firm. Prior to joining O’Brien, Jill held a variety of senior wealth management and investment positions at U.S. Trust and Citi across the disciplines of wealth management, alternative investments, and fixed income trading.

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  • Jill i Fortune magazine:


  • The question is whether or not the interest rate hikes are gonna be successful in creating what’s called the soft landing.

  • If you’re retiring into recession, gee, you might want to think about some of those discretionary expenses and maybe delay that round-the-world trip for a year or two until you feel a little bit more comfortable, because ‘Are you really going to enjoy it if you take it now?'

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