Jim Bowers

Security Solutions Architect at TechGuidance.com
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As the Security SME for TBI, Jim is responsible for providing advanced pre/post-sales support for the channel sales team by designing, proposing and closing both existing and new opportunities and ensuring a successful customer experience. Additionally in this role, he provides support and give advice to TBI partners and recommend the best solutions to clients.

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  • These tools do provide value to an organization, but yet, they don't have to go everywhere, necessarily.

    31 May 2021
  • What's happening is, most of the employees of those research companies worked in the facilities [pre-pandemic]. Now you have a lot of these employees working from home environments, which opens up a lot of things because they're not within the four walls. Over the past 15 years, remote employees have used what's called an IPSec tunnel to get into the environment, a secure tunnel. What it enables you to do is, say, ‘I know you're coming from this address, I'm going to let you in, and I'm going to give you free rein in my environment’. What we're seeing now is that's just not adequate. The endpoint gets compromised, they [hackers] can route up that VPN [virtual private network], and they can go anywhere within the company's internal network.

    31 May 2021
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    Security Solutions Architect