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Jim Burson brings to his role as partner at Cornerstone Advisors a deep knowledge of the financial services industry and a wide range of executive management and business planning experience developed over a career of nearly four decades. As a leader of Cornerstone’s Strategy, Performance, Digital Transformation, Delivery Channel, Analytics, and Lending service lines, Jim helps banks and credit unions craft transformation and growth strategies focused on various initiatives including strategic planning, revenue generation, digital and delivery channel transformation, customer data analytics, product design, and digital banking/origination technology selections. Prior to Cornerstone, Jim served as executive vice president and chief revenue officer of a regional bank. Earlier in his career, he was a principal and co-leader of the banking practice at a management and technology consulting firm. He also helped lead a consulting firm focused on channel strategy, sales management, and customer analytics. In addition, Jim managed strategic planning and sales management for a mid-Atlantic super regional bank. He started his career as a commercial banker in Chicago.

Jim is an experienced professional speaker and frequently presents for the firm’s webinars. He writes for GonzoBanker, Cornerstone’s blog, and has been published or quoted in numerous industry publications, including American Banker, Bank Director, Credit Union Journal and CU Management.

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  • In the old days you would have a mortgage originator get in their car and they’d be at one branch this day and another branch this day. They would rove or they do things by appointment.