Jim Fish

Chief Executive Officer at Waste Management
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CEO of Waste Management - the leading environmental services provider and the largest residential recycler in North America

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  • The impact on our business is cardboard in our recycle stream. It’s coming from a different place. Instead of coming from a Sears store, which we might have picked up before, now it’s coming in small quantities from residential customers as opposed to big commercial customers. One question that I have asked and I haven’t gotten a good answer to internally is, ‘So is it more cardboard that’s being created?’ If you think about it, all of those 10 boxes that come to our house, I think there’s more cardboard being used than one big box going to a Sears. I don’t know for a fact, but I suspect that all these individual boxes actually add up to more cardboard. So it’s more and more important that we be a good recycler of old corrugated cardboard.

  • We are a pretty good barometer for the overall economy because we service every different sector. What we’re really seeing is that particularly in those places that opened more quickly than others, their economies have come back more quickly.