Jim Gebhardt

President at Gebhardt Group Inc.
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For 25 years, Jim has helped individuals and families navigate the complexities of personal finance. His
vision is to help them explore a very intentional way of living where their financial resources are in
complete alignment with what matters most to them. When his clients are spending their time with
their favorite people, in their favorite places, doing their favorite things, Jim defines that as success.
Today he feels privileged to be helping clients address life's most challenging transitions. Often new
clients feel overwhelmed and in need of some trusted guidance to restore their sense of confidence and
clarity to move forward again.
He finds true joy in developing deep meaningful relationships. This allows him to collaborate with his
clients to craft a vision for their future they are excited to fulfill.
As a result, he is in demand for his creativity and unbiased thinking. It has been said that Jim withholds
judgment, thereby enabling him to offer calmness in times of uncertainty and hope during periods of

Jim and his wife, Beth, live outside San Francisco in Lafayette, California and are the proud parents of
four children, who inspire them with wonder and foster a healthy sense of humor and adventure.
Whether at work, with his family or on the golf course, Jim keeps his feet firmly planted, his eye on the
ball and his heart in the right place.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Psychology from the University of Rochester, New
York. He is an experienced surety bond underwriter, which makes him familiar with the unique issues
associated with the construction industry. For the ten years prior to founding Gebhardt Group, Jim
worked as a Financial Consultant for Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. In 2004 he earned the Certified
Financial Planner™ certification. He holds a State of California Insurance License for Life, Accident,
Disability and Health Insurance. His registrations include Series 7, Series 65, and Series 31.

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