Jody L. Madeira

Professor of Law; Co-Director, Center for Law Society & Culture at Indiana University Maurer School of Law
On the record

Professor Madeira joined the Indiana Law faculty in 2007. She is an internationally recognized expert in fertility fraud, bioethics, and law and medicine, with a focus on reproductive endocrinology. Her research has received profiled in national and international media, including the Netflix documentary “Our Father” (2022) to TED to investigative news programs like “20/20” (2019). Her research interests involve empirical research; the role of emotion in law; the sociology of law; law, medicine, and bioethics; and the Second Amendment.

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  • That’s a very common perspective and it is an unsophisticated perspective. Every constitutional right has a regulation. Many constitutional rights that I am aware of incur fees and the courts have said we can burden the Second Amendment in several ways. We can forbid people from carrying because they are felons. We can forbid people if they have mental health problems. We can do this as long as there is due process. We have to pay fees to protest often. We have to pay a fee to purchase a driver’s license in order to vote. The vast majority of our rights do come with fees and we have to pay our way and the second amendment is no exception.

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