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Joe is a general manager with extensive experience in revenue growth through business development, sales, great customer experience (success and service practices) as well as partnerships while focusing heavily on revenue and profit. He is a proven enterprise and B2B software and services leader and executive.

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  • The success of Macy's compared to other retailers started with them catering more to millennials by launching several brands. They also pushed out massive marketing and social media programs, invested heavily in the online user experience, and enabled their omnichannel and multichannel user experience.

  • Target’s omnichannel retail strategy has played a major part in its current in-store success. It’s effectively merged the online and offline retail experience that shoppers have grown accustomed to during the pandemic. In order to compete, other major retailers [Amazon included] will also have to invest in e-commerce and online practices that will support in-store sales.

  • The clientele [these brands] are marketing to, the younger generation, have a tendency to go online. They’re more online-friendly than the other generations.

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