Joel Burleson-Davis

CTO at SecureLink
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As the CTO, Joel is responsible for the technology strategy and execution for SecureLink. This includes providing direction and oversight for software development, quality assurance, systems engineering, cybersecurity, technical operations, professional services, and customer success. His primary goal is to develop and support world-class technology and a world-class team that ensure the continued success of our customers and SecureLink.

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  • There’s always a lot of interesting and not-so-interesting technology that emerges naturally from the broader trends in society, like the video conferencing explosion with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As we move into next year, and hopefully beyond the pandemic, I think companies are going to take a hard look at their DevSecOps capabilities (if they have them at all).

    3 September 2021
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    3 September 2021
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