Joel Kulina

Managing Director, Head of Technology & Media Trading at Wedbush Securities
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  • “Look at the FAANG plus Microsoft and Nvidia, they’ve added about $1.7 trillion in market cap over this quarter alone. Collectively up about 36%, so clearly it’s a rising tide, any one of those companies are benefitting from aggressive, borderline blind rotation into tech. And there’s reason behind that, whether its pear-shaped growth, the green light from Powell and company, and in general a retail frenzy as well…,” on CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange.

  • Some of our biggest companies are suffering, Cisco had a really bad quarter and blame China a lot, even though that's a relatively small portion of the pie for them.

  • August was an exhausting month. I think we had 60% of the days in the month had 1% moves , ... the main strategy amongst the tech dedicated investors that I speak to is to avoid the blow ups. We see a big unwind of the cloud SaaS complex, valuations go extremely stretched to the upside and I think the pain that was witnessed last year and Q4 of 2018, that's fresh on a lot of guys' minds.

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  • Wedbush Securities
    Managing Director, Head of Technology & Media Trading
    started May 2014