John Bussel

Chief Investment Officer at Team Hewins
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John Bussel is the Chief Investment Officer of Team Hewins and served in that role at Hewins Financial Advisors. As CIO, John is able to utilize his extensive investment experience while providing our clients with a very high level of care and dedication. It is his goal to bring the financial professionalism and expertise used by great institutions to our individual and family clients.

John has seen all sides of investment financial services. He draws from his experience as Assistant Vice President and Investment Officer for Fiduciary Trust International where he developed his knowledge of industries, markets and portfolio management. In 1996, John sought a more personal side to investing and worked as a Financial Advisor for Prudential Securities. John prefers and appreciates the unique characteristics of a fee-only firm like Team Hewins and transitioned to independent advising in 1999. As Principal, CIO and Senior Financial Advisor based in Team Hewins’ Miami office, John works to keep our clients highly informed by providing access to a broad range of financial resources and reporting.

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