John J. Cioffi

Co-founder, Chief Investment Officer at Cullen Cioffi Capital Management
On the record

John is the Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Cullen Cioffi Capital Management. He began his 28 year career trading a Municipal Bond Arbitrage strategy before running several Equity and Derivatives trading desks at the world’s largest Global Investment Banks. He has held positions as the Head of North and South Americas Delta One Products at Credit Lyonnais/Credit Agricole, Head of ETF trading at Bear Stearns & Co. and Senior Trader of multiple Delta One and Option books at Credit Suisse First Boston totaling over $7.5 Billion in notional USD. At Vertice Capital Partners, John launched his flagship Vertice Velocity Fund, LP, a multi-strategy Hedge Fund focusing on extracting premium efficiencies and roll-yield capture by reverse engineering, and constructing hedges around volatility ETFs.