John deVadoss

Head of Development at Neo Blockchain
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John is the Head of Development at Neo Blockchain. Having been a developer for a very long time, he has very interesting insights on how a platform can be made more accessible and developer-friendly. John believes that decentralized accessibility to the platform and making it simpler overall would make the developer’s job easier and result in them making fewer mistakes. Above all, through Neo’s platform, he seeks to empower the common man using blockchain technology.

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  • Decentralization is first and foremost about the sovereignty of the individual. Individual sovereignty, whether from a natural-rights perspective (bestowed by God, nature or reason) or a legal-rights perspective (and as enshrined in the charter of the UN and subsequent international treaties), implies individual autonomy. When understood as the capacity to decide for oneself and pursue a course of action in one’s life, individual autonomy implies individual self-governance. And self-governance is what decentralization means to me, and it’s why this is so important. In practical terms, this may be an asymptotic pursuit; however, the pursuit of self-governance at the individual level is our mission as a community and an industry.

    12 April 2022
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