John Grivetti

Partner at Crowe LLP and 2 other companies
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Mr. Grivetti has provided professional services to strategic acquirers, private equity investors, lenders, and other capital provider clients on more than 400 transactions including acquisitions, financial restructurings and bankruptcy reorganizations. Mr. Grivetti's advisory activities include financial due diligence investigations, preparation and evaluation of financial projections and business plans, analysis of capital structure alternatives and restructuring plans, evaluation of working capital and cash flow, including preparation of 13 week cash flow projections, and advising on deal structuring and negotiations.

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  • Always compare a company’s ratios with other companies in the same industry. [Investors should] start looking at the makeup of the balances used to calculate the ratios, more specifically, determine the makeup of the current assets; are they mostly made up of cash or inventory?

    17 July 2020
  • article
    17 July 2020
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  • Crowe LLP
    started Sep 2004
  • Ernst & Young
    Director, Corporate Finance
    Nov 1996 – Sep 2004
  • Arthur Andersen
    May 1991 – Nov 1996