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John Reznikoff, CEO and founder of University Archives, an auction house specializing in historical manuscripts, autographs, and rare books, has been in business for over 40 years. In that time, he has examined, cataloged, appraised, purchased, and sold hundreds of thousands of documents related to American, European, and world history. His expertise in handwriting authentication has brought him to the Library of Congress, and to the offices of many branches of law enforcement, including the FBI. He is as equally comfortable on the set of the History Channel’s "Pawn Stars" as he is at international book fairs in Brooklyn, Boston, Manhattan, California, and London.

Reznikoff's reputation as a handwriting expert in the autograph industry is unparalleled. In addition to serving as an authenticator and questioned document examiner, he is also a respected collector, dealer, and auctioneer. He is the only expert to opine for both accepted third-party authentication services PSA and JSA. John is frequently asked to evaluate the authenticity of items by Christie’s, Sotheby’s, RR Auction, and largest rare book dealer in the world, Bauman Rare Books. CBS News called John’s expertise “the best in the world."

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  • February 7, 2022

    CNN Asks Presidential Expert John Reznikoff, “who has dealt with the buying and selling of hundreds of presidential collectibles over his more than four decades in the auction business,” to Evaluate Donald Trump’s New Coffee Table Book

    CNN reporter Kate Bennett interviewed seasoned presidential collector John Reznikoff, the founder and president of University Archives, to see what he thought about former President Donald Trump’s new coffee table book, “Our Journey Together” (Winning Team Publishing, 2021). Reznikoff’s interview appears in Bennett’s article, “Donald Trump quietly making millions from coffee table book,” which is the top article headlining CNN’s website on February 7, 2022. A 3:30-long video clip showing parts of Reznikoff’s interview is also available on the CNN website.

    Reznikoff has been a leading expert of presidential letters, books, and artifacts for more than 40 years, famously selling countless items relating to the Presidency. He has bought and sold both Kennedy’s and Obama’s cars, a letter relating to George Washington crossing the Delaware, Reagan’s couch, and several million-dollar Lincoln letters.

Reznikoff stated, “[presidential memoirs], especially those that are signed, will undoubtedly increase in value exponentially over time…if Trump is a fast signer, using a bookplate of his signature, then he could get through several hundred books a day. It's the closest thing to printing money I can come up with.”

The more controversial aspects of Trump’s coffee table book should also increase its sales. Trump authored all of the captions in the profusely illustrated book.

    3 August 2022
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    3 August 2022
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    3 August 2022
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    3 August 2022