JoLeann Trine

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor at Thriveworks
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JoLeann is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor at Thriveworks. Joey has experience working with individuals experiencing variations of grief, anxiety, self-esteem concerns, depression, impulse control, trauma, and issues in effective communication and boundaries. Joey recognizes progress is not linear and focuses on a team-based approach to counseling. She promotes autonomy and “being one’s own expert.” She is enthusiastic about providing clients with tools that will assist them in current moments and in the future.

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  • We're bringing mental health to the limelight, we're no longer stigmatizing and keeping it to adults. Because kids are really feeling the impact of the pandemic and life changes like everyone else. If you notice your kids having a change in their baseline, you're noticing something a little bit different, be curious. And honestly, most importantly, if you can do anything, it's to validate somebody's feelings.

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