Jon Vander Ark

President and CEO at Republic Services
On the record

Jon Vander Ark is President and Chief Executive Officer of Republic Services, Inc., an industry leader in environmental services. He is responsible for leading the Company’s strategy of sustainably handling customers’ environmental services needs. Mr. Vander Ark serves on the Board of Chances for Children, a 501c3 organization that uplifts the children of Haiti through a variety of programs to encourage the movement of a community from survival, to stability and sustainability.

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  • The Republic Services Tech Institute is an investment in both our current employees and the employees of tomorrow, further demonstrating our commitment to being the place where the best people come to work. We look forward to welcoming these new graduates as they contribute to our highly trained workforce, increasing the reliability and consistency of our customer experience.

    27 October 2021
  • Republic Services plays a vital role in providing sustainable solutions to our customers and making the planet a better place now and for future generations.

    27 October 2021
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