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Entertainment & tech attorney at TroyGould and 4 other companies
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Entertainment attorney and tech attorney (entertainment lawyer and tech lawyer) with nearly 1200 media appearances. Former journo (HuffPost blogger; Hollywood Reporter reporter). Harvard College (Applied Math and CS); Harvard Law School. Creative writer. Adjunct law professor. Ex-politico & ex-techie. A great source!

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  • Testimonials (journos love me! and vice-versa) (call anytime if you're on deadline)

    "I've got what I need. I could just lean over and kiss you," NBC News correspondent.

    "You're a soundbite machine," CBS News producer.

    "You're a machine," Brian Rooney, ABC News correspondent.

    "You always rock the live shots," KFWB 980 News anchor Phil Hulett.

    "That was brilliant," BBC Radio 5 Live producer.

    "He's great," another CBS News producer.

    "You were AMAZING! (as usual)," KABC AM 790 producer (1 hr. show).

    "Jonathan Handel is one of those rare, exceptional contacts that a radio reporter loves. He knows his stuff, he's articulate, he's interesting, and he understands the deadlines that a reporter works under." KNX 1070 anchor Vicki Cox.

    "Such a pro," KCRW (public radio) host.

    "Get Jonathan!" KNX news director to staff (as told by a producer).

    "Hollywood’s most sensible legal eagle ... reliable, fair-minded and quotable," Aaron Barnhart, Kansas City Star TV critic.

    "So many soundbites to choose from," KABC 7 reporter after an interview.

    "You were fantastic!" another KCRW host.

    “We love working with you,” KNX producer.

    “Wait, what? Say that again!” Reuters correspondent.

    13 March 2021
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