Jonathan Passmore, PhD

Senior Vice President at Ezra Coaching
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Jonathan has held a number of executive and non-executive board roles and worked for global consulting firms, including PwC, IBM Business Consulting and CoachHub. He was Managing Director of Embrion, a Psychology consulting company with clients such as Technip and HSBC; he has advised professional bodies such as the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)and the International Coaching Federation (ICF) producing reports on coaching policy and practice.

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  • EZRA's commitment to leveraging data, measurement and innovation to further credibility in coaching as a science is very closely aligned to my own values and research. I'm thrilled to be working alongside some of the top scientists, coaches and L&D specialists in the field to enable positive behavioral changes that transcend beyond the workplace and empower individuals to reach their true potential.

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