Jonathan Weislow

Vice President at Amicon Management
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Jonathan Weislow has been a valued member of Amicon Management for nearly a decade. As Vice President of Business Development, Jonathan is responsible for client relationship management and directing project strategy from conception to completion. In this role, Jonathan oversees teams of project managers in each critical project step including budget development, project staffing, scheduling, subcontractor evaluation and risk management. A former college athlete, Jonathan leverages team leadership skills to successfully promote team collaboration and effective communication to simplify the construction process.

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  • It is possible this event was an anomaly caused by a combination of isolated and/or long-term events. There was adjacent construction, a building in its 40th year pending recertification, reports of construction equipment on the roof, and reports the building had been settling consistently over time. But the fact Champlain Towers South’s condo board had not acted on evidence of structural issues spotted three years earlier is not necessarily unusual, experts report. Newly-appointed condominium boards often inherit the challenges of the past from previous boards.

    1 July 2021
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