Jordan Corcoran

Owner and Founder at Listen Lucy
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Jordan is the Owner and Founder at Listen, Lucy. She is an established, creative and tenacious professional looking to use experience and skills acquired to make a positive impact in an organization and in the community. Jordan came up with Listen, Lucy because she wanted to create an outlet where people can express themselves freely and creatively. We are all dealing with different issues and she wants to create a community where people can tell their stories and feel comfortable. Her mission is simple. She wants to create a less judgmental, more accepting world.

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  • I was living in chaos and refused to admit it. Eventually, I decided that I needed to go to therapy. It unlocked everything for me. Not only did I learn what was different about my brain, but I learned about myself. I became an expert on my own illness. Information is power. This is an all-consuming, emotionally draining illness. Once I found acceptance, it freed up so much of my being. I want people to find the same acceptance and realize that it’s normal to struggle with mental health.