Jose Lizarraga

Senior Innovation and Creative Advisor at Algorithmic Justice League and 1 other company
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Dr. Lizárraga is an Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences & Human Development, and affiliate in the Department of Information Science and LGBTQ Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. They currently also serve as a Senior Advisor at the Algorithmic Justice League.
Dr. Lizárraga is an award-winning designer, innovator, and researcher of the role of emergent technologies, pop culture, media, and digital fabrication in the learning and transformative experiences of non-dominant youth. They specifically examine how everyday cyborgs reconfigure themselves to collaborate and author narratives of new possible futures that are just. Currently, Lizárraga has been developing a framework of Speculative Fabulation which leverages Queer Theory, Constructionism, and Speculative Story-telling to highlight how making and tinkering spaces can be designed for intergenerational learning communities to imagine and organize towards a hopeful "not-yet-here."

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  • One of the things many of us are challenging or questioning is that face-to-face or sharing of physical space is the only way to be social. In their everyday activities, young people are already using digital technology to engage socially.

    27 April 2021
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    27 April 2021
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