Joseph D. Sanzo

Insurance Specialist at Barnum Financial Group
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I focus on helping you obtain an appropriate level of insurance coverage to protect your home and vehicles. I serve as your advocate, asking you the right questions and giving you the important information you need to make informed decisions with confidence. I also work to identify and leverage any discount opportunities that may be available to you. I provide a comprehensive analysis of your financial needs when it comes to protecting your property. I want to make sure the right protection is in place for my clients. My main objective is to make sure that after I’ve talked with you, you are left in a better position than before with the proper policies in place and a better sense of your needs.

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  • If you have a spotty driving record, then insurers are likely to view you as higher risk and charge more. According to Joseph Sanzo, a property and casualty insurance specialist at Barnum Financial Group in Shelton, Connecticut, any accidents or tickets from the last three to five years can greatly impact quotes from auto insurance companies and agents.