Joseph Palamar

Drug Epidemiologist & Associate Professor of Population Health at NYU School of Medicine
On the record

I'm an Associate Professor at NYU School of Medicine specializing in the epidemiology of drug use

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    CNN. More people try drugs for the first time in the summer, study says.
    “Using a drug for the first time, I think, can place an individual at unique risk, especially if use is unplanned, or if they initiate a drug that they’re unfamiliar with.”

    15 February 2021
  • US News & World Report. Many Young Americans Regret Online Posts Made While High.
    "Try to plan beforehand the things you don't want to do while you're high. It's like when you decide that you won't drive while drunk or high. You want to make sure you're safe and don't want to leave yourself vulnerable. You don't want a dumb social media post to have an adverse effect on your future."

    15 February 2021
  • US World News & Report. Use of Club Drug 'Special K' Could Be Underreported
    "Ecstasy has a long history of being adulterated with other drugs -- including ketamine -- but people who use ecstasy or other synthetic drugs may now be at an even higher likelihood of being exposed to ketamine without realizing it."

    15 February 2021
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