Joseph Steinberg

CyberSecurity and Artificial Intelligence Expert Services at Independent Consultant and 1 other company
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Joseph Steinberg serves as a cybersecurity expert witness, and as an advisor to both businesses and governments on cybersecurity-related matters. He has led organizations within the cybersecurity industry for over two decades, has been calculated to be one of the top 3 cybersecurity influencers worldwide, and has written books ranging from Cybersecurity for Dummies to the official study guide from which many Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) study for their certification exams. Steinberg is known for offering keen insights and unique perspectives on cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the potential impact of technological developments on human society.

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  • Independent Consultant
    CyberSecurity and Artificial Intelligence Expert Services
    Jun 2010 – Jul 2021
  • Forbes
    CyberSecurity And Emerging Technologies Advisor