Josh Kincaid

CMO at ToroAlerts and 2 other companies
On the record

In a galaxy far far away, Josh was a Securities Risk Analyst managing a $650 million fund in the Investment Banking Industry with proven success in finance, compliance, and operations within a highly regulated industry.

He’s experienced the Financial Industry’s stringent regulatory environment and survived a myriad of regulatory changes in the Cannabis Industry. Yet remains informed of potential changes that could impact the industry, to best leverage his client’s resources and maximize success.

Josh is a Portfolio Risk Analyst for the C3 Fund, an innovative FinTech company utilizing Ai-based tools, machine learning and predictive analytics to invest in the stock market, including niche sectors like cannabis and crypto.

In his spare time, he produces a cannabis business podcast called The Talking Hedge and hosts “Interviewing CEOs” for the financial media company Seeking Alpha.

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  • practice doesn't make perfect, failure does.

    26 March 2022
  • podcast
    17 March 2022
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