Josh Thompson

Founder & CEO at Thompson Touch
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Josh Thompson started Thompson Touch in 2009 as a window washing company and has grown into Thompson Exterior and Construction Services. Regarded as the premier full-service construction service company of the Northeast, Thompson Touch specializes in high-rise services for both commercial and residential properties. Their portfolio includes some of the region’s most iconic landmark buildings and new developments, from super high-rise luxury developments, to five-star hotels.

With a focus on accurate quotes, quality work, and customer care, the company has had a long list of repeat clients in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York. As a boutique, client-centric team they're known for precision, quality and accuracy. The company strives for perfection and their work is exemplary.

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  • Start with pleasantries. That can help everyone get settled and collect their thoughts for the meeting. This is something that happens more naturally with in-person meetings due to people being in the same room and people staggering in. However, by making the effort to incorporate this aspect of meeting in person to meeting online, you can help foster connections during virtual meetings.

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