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Even before Covid, we understood that the way people traveled was changing. You don’t have to wait until you’re retired; you can live and work just about anywhere. If anything, the pandemic has only reinforced this trend, and as the world gradually starts to re-open, the possibilities are endless.

Our founders, Josh and Mark, built VIP Traveler because no travel company had adapted to the way we live and travel now. These two met and became friends in Australia, where they co-founded a travel business that proved to be very successful (like, hundreds of thousands of travelers/hundreds of millions in revenue successful—but that’s a story for another time.)

Now back in the States, Josh and Mark have taken all they’ve learned, and the extensive networks they built around the globe and added some super-innovative technology, coupled with live Travel Stylists & Local Destination Experts to create an intuitive and personalized travel experience like no other.

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  • “While there are deals that represent significant material savings, all too often, we see third-party sellers making misleading claims about discounts,” said Josh Borenstein, co-founder of VIP Traveler. “A lot of times, the big online players — namely the online travel agencies — present ‘discounts’ that aren’t discounts at all. Deals are often made to look like a discount, but they’re usually references to the ‘best available rate’ and are the same price the hotels are offering directly, so there are no actual cash savings. It’s a real challenge for consumers, so we always recommend that travelers compare against the hotel’s website. That said, there are agents and travel sites who are using their personal relationships to source exclusive offers. The key is to work with agents, advisors and experts who you trust, especially those who make it clear when the opportunity is good or not.”

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