JP Maroney

Founder & CEO at Harbor City Capital Corp and 5 other companies
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  • I’ve spoken at many seminars and conferences where Boomer investors gather, I’ve heard their stories, and some of them are just tragic. Many baby boomers obviously have just simply not prepared appropriately for retirement, but there is a good portion who did prepare, who worked the career, who saved money and invested wisely, but saw most or all of their net worth wiped out during the tech bubble or the 2008-09 financial crisis. I feel very fortunate that we have an opportunity at Harbor City Capital to do something about it.

    5 September 2020
  • article
    5 September 2020
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  • Harbor City Capital Corp
    Founder & CEO
    started Dec 2013
  • People Builders Worldwide
    Founder & Chief People Builder
    Jan 2000 – Jul 2013
  • Marocom llc (
    Chairman & CEO
    Sep 1999 – Dec 2015