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Leonia Lloyd is a public speaker and author whose career as a judge, lawyer, and teacher has spanned decades serving the citizens of Detroit. Having sat on the 36th District Court for more than 20 years, Judge Lloyd has lived a life with many stories to tell which are captured in her new memoir Your Honor, Your Honor: A Journey Through Grief and Restorative Justice.

Her award-winning justice programs for drug and prostitution offenders have been featured on the National Geographic Channel, A&E Network, and in the Detroit Free Press. She presided over the Drug Treatment Court, which aimed to help people escape the vicious cycle of addiction and crime. She also helped implement Project Fresh Start, a program to help women who practiced the act of prostitution to recover from addiction and enjoy healthy, productive lives. Her other programs she helped implement include the Handgun Intervention Program, which is designed to help rid the streets of illegal hand guns, and the Misdemeanor Morality Program, which educates participants about inappropriate conduct regarding sexual activity. Thousands of people have graduated from these “restorative justice” programs to create stable, happier lives. Her creativity in establishing programs for the citizens of Detroit has become a benchmark in justice reform.

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