Julie Turpin

Chief People Officer at Brown & Brown Insurance
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Julie is committed to Brown & Brown’s high-performance culture and to providing teammates a competitive, fun, and rewarding environment, rich with opportunity and potential. As a seasoned business professional, she values people above all other assets and recognize the return on investment that comes from coaching leaders and acting on the feedback of the broader team. Julie is responsible for teammate engagement, learning and development, compensation, rewards, and benefits, as well as all other Team Resources operations.

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  • We put this under the topic of talent. We really believe in our teammates and our culture is reflective of that. When we think about learning and development in the last year, it’s been focused on how do we bring a more unique approach to our training and development through simulations and exponential learning. We want to be able to give our leaders opportunities to learn things in a really condensed but meaningful way, so that’s the direction we’re taking. Learning and development today is about finding different ways to develop talent that really resonate and allow people to walk away with strong tools they can deploy later.

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