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I'm an experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about emerging industries with social impact. Filed provisional patents on a digital contact tracing platform in March 2020 which has since become CONTAKT LLC -- a revolutionary system that overcomes the limitations of manual contact tracing and accelerates anything built upon the Google/Apple API (or decentralized systems). Prior to that, founded Cultivation Technologies, Inc. ("CTI") -- a leader in California extraction and product manufacturing Created Marijuana Index (MarijuanaIndex.com), the first equities index for cannabis companies, which received more than 1,000,000 monthly hits from a global audience.

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  • For our second thought-provoking episode, we’re honored to have Daniel help us grapple with the deep-seated, underlying issues in our health care system that have become more apparent due to the coronavirus pandemic. We hope this episode and the podcast as a whole helps shed light on the many compounding factors that led to this crisis so that it never happens again.

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